Craigen Brick Company

Pat Apr 12, 2012 04:58 PM I am the author of Aberdeen NJ Life, a blog about the township where Cliffwood is a subdivision. I am currently writing a blog article about Craigen Brick Company, of Cliffwood, which replaced Lenox Brick Company in 1916. I previously wrote an article about the Cliffwood Brick Company, an article that includes a photo of a brick from the remains of the brickyard. While researching on your site, I noticed that the Hudson River and New England Brick Collection page has a photo of what looks to me to be a Cliffwood Brick Co brick and has it labeled as a Champlain Brick Co brick that was found with Lenox bricks. Maybe you could compare my photo with the one on your site and see if the one identified as Champlain is really Cliffwood? Here's a link to my article. Check back soon for the article about Craigen. I'm putting the finishing touches on that one. Could I have permission to use your Lenox brick photo? Pat

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  1. Hi Pat,
    Thanks for writing. Yes, you can use the Lenox photo.