AnonymousApr 18, 2012 02:18 PM

I read your piece on the Underhill bricks. The roof of the Chelsea hotel is covered with Underhill pavers, it is incredibly beautiful, a promenade with gardens on a rooftop in Manhattan. With new owners planning to build a 2 story structure on the roof with restaurant and bar, there are plans to destroy or cover bricks with tar as I am writing this. Right now the landmarks committee is deciding if they are to be saved. There is a movement to help save the roof, to keep it intact as intended by the original architects. I think the family of William A Underhill should be notified if possible--I saw one of the descendents wrote a piece.

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  1. Hi Anon, Hello,

    Are those bricks marked UNDERHILL or IXL/ WAU? If there were a way to "rescue " a few of the UNDERHILL variety, there are a couple researchers that would be most grateful to acquire one. Thank you for visiting.

    - Fred