KA-TON-KA said...

Thanks for the website. I have 3 JD bricks I'm trying to ID. Graves Brick Brands has LA, NJ, & NY as possibles. Andy has J D John Derbyshire A Haverstraw listed but no photo. Could I get his email to send my pix for a positive ID? My email is entpha@gmail.com.


John Langston IBCA 1145

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  1. Hi John, A picture would certainly be helpful. It would also be good to know where you found it and what other brick may have been used with it.

    I wouldn't count on a positive ID at this point because there were manufacturers in several states which may marked their brick J D. Hopefully, by seeing the brick, we may be able to "weed" out some contenders by the appearance of age of the brick. If the brick matches some familiar NY brand marks we may have better luck.