Anonymous said...
While out scouting around over the weekend, my fiance' and I found a pile of brick and I picked up one to look at it. On it was stamped "F.R. BRICK CO.; ALBANY, GA.". Since this is both our hometown, we are curious. I have looked online and the only thing I found was where a Maurice Minter was in charge of the flint River Brick Company in Albany. Can anyone shed any light on this company; ie; when they were in business, etc.



  1. The History and Reminiscences of Dougherty County mentions the company and I have a picture postcard of it posted on Facebook on Vintage Albany Georgia. The postcard was from about 1913. Most of Albany's streets were originally paved with bricks from Canton Ohio. They were later replaced or added to with the bricks made here in Albany. There are still some pavers with that stamp on them at Turtle Grove park and in the crosswalks on Front Street.

  2. I live in north Florida about 2 hours south of Albany and I found a FR brick company brick . It would be interesting to find out the history of it

  3. I found three of these bricks marked F R Brick Co Albany Ga on family property in my South Georgia hometown of Willacoochee.