Ashland Crown, Laclede St.Louis

Hannah said...
Hello, I am a budding brick collector. I have very recently found two different bricks with different company's names on each. Curiously they were found at the same site of a building turned to rubble. The first gives the name "Ashland Crown" the second Laclede St.Louis" I am finding it is difficult to research bricks online. I was hoping you could possibly tell me anything you know or point me in the right direction.
Thank you for you time


  1. Hannah, The Ashland Crown is a firebrick made, in Ashland, KY, and/or Hayward, KY. by the North American Refractories Co.

    The "CROWN" designation may be the location in the structure for which its composition intended it. Some of the larger firebrick mnfgrs. issued hanbooks which recommended certain designations for certain placement (design location) in a furnace , oven or ... whatever. Reference: Jim Graves - "Brick Brands of the United States".

    LACLEDE ST. LOUIS is another firebrick, which according to Graves, again, was made by the H.K.Porter Laclede-Christy Co. of St. Louis, MO.

  2. I heard that Laclede brick burned down years ago. At least the one located in Brentwood. Also I know that some of their fire brick is very slightly radioactive. (About twice background or 0.025 mR/h due to thorium or uranium content I'm not sure which)

  3. Earlier in the year, my niece found a brick in her backyard and it says Laclede Crown St. Louis. My mother to a picture of it and until today I decided to look ut up. Very interesting about this brick she found.

  4. I found 5 bricks from the demolition of Growlers Pub in Sunset Hills...they all say LACLEDE ST LOUIS. Not sure what to do with them.

  5. I found a brick that says lacelade St Louis , near neosho missouri washed up on a creek bank.