From Greg Beutner
comments: I have uncovered some bricks in my yard and after searching the
internet, have come up with no leads. I thought someone here could help.
They are a light tan color and clearly say "SEABOARD / MIDDLESEX OIL /
MADE IN USA" on one side. If you have any information on the source or age of
these bricks it would be nice. Thanks in advance.


  1. (From Fred R.)


    The brick you found are firebrick made by Seaboard Refractories
    of Valentines, NJ.(Middlesex County) per Jim Graves's work - Brick Brands of the United States. The tern "OIL" refers to the brick's suitability in use in an oil fired environment.

    Karl Gurcke indicates that the brand name was in use about 1920 and I suspect for several years afterwards.

  2. I have found a cpl in the woods also mine just say "seaboard MIDDLESEX then at the bottom "US PAT OF.

  3. Seaboard Refractories was in operation from about 1919 until around 1959. It was located on Amboy Avenue near the intersection with New Brunswick Ave. in Edison. It was owned by Geo. Balz and Otto Maier, who had been plant superintendant at the Didier Marche factory (more recently Carborundum) until it was seized as German property in WWI. Otto Maier was my grandfather.