Worked at JOVA yard

I am originally from Newburgh, NY and am related to the Jova family. My grandmother's sister was married to Joseph Jova who I assume, was one of the "Jova Boys". The timeline might be right, though Uncle Joe might have been a grandson. He would have been born in the late 1800's.

I worked at the brickyard one summer between high school and college. I was a member of a seven or eight member "gang" who packed brick into the stacks that were strapped and shipped. We worked from 6 AM until 2:30 PM or whenever we packed 100,000 brick for the day. We also received a pay differential if we had to pack hot brick. We wore heavy duty leather mitts. Bathroom breaks were not encouraged. We drank water by a ladle out of a bucket. The jig in which we had to pack a 7-9 brick "line" was moved along every 10-15 seconds. It was great money for an eighteen year old, but very tough work. I drove home every day covered in red dust.

A high school buddy and his wife stayed with us on their travels. He gave me a "Jova" brick that he found since he worked on the construction of the Danskammer power plant. I've been back once or twice, but I could not find anything I recognized.

I enjoyed reading your site.

Jack Hornbeck, Norfolk, VA


  1. Hi Jack,
    Thanks for writing. We love first-hand accounts from people like yourself who actually worked in the brickmaking industry and JOVA was one of the TOP yards. If anybody missed it, here's a link to our ROSETON PAGE which has lots of JOVA info.

  2. I have acquired a clock built with wood from the "Jova mansion" and would like to find relatives of the Jova family who may find this to be a valuable piece of family history. Please email me if you see this, Jack Hornbeck!

  3. I have 2 perfect JJJ bricks that I found in my yard in Wappingers Falls, NY Anyone interested in them?