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Hi, I live in New Windsor, NY and I found several old bricks with JJJ inscription, in the woods behind my house. I saw they are from the Jova family brickworks. The ones I have are almost mint just weathered. They are the same as the #3 you have in your collection. Can you tell me how old they are and if they are worth anything

Thanks for any info you can give me,


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  1. Hi Helene,

    Yes those brick are Jovas alright. This firm had been in business a long time, beginning about 1884, and they made millions of them As for value they may have an intrinsic value as a local historical product. To a collector, they may be just another Jova brick as the triple J marked bricks are found almost "everywhere", as a figure of speech. Through trading at brick swaps, the J J J s have found there way into collections all over the country.

    They were among about the last five brickyards to operate in the Hudson Valley. They are all gone now.

    Thank you for visiting.