U.B. & T.C., ACME

I have a brick from a farm in Okarchee, OK(actually it looks like a cinder block but made out of brick material. It was from a wash house attached to a house and some of the "bricks" were imprinted with ACME TILE and mine was marked with U.B. oc T.C.~. This building was built prior to 1918 when my grandfather bought the farm. I saw similar "bricks" in the devastation of the OKC bombing on display at the memorial in a building that was built in 1923. Your search area did not pull any info. Does anyone know of these markings? 

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  1. According to Jim Graves, in his work "Brick Manufacturers of the United States" the UB&TC mark may be attributed to the United Brick & Tile Co. of Oklahoma City. They had manufacturing plants in sapulpa, Sand Springs, Pawhuska and possibly other places too. Graves notes they were in business in the time interval of 1911 - 1963,... and perhaps before and after those dates under the Acme name. I appears that Acme Brick took over UB&TC but i don't know when. Acme was a large manufacturer and evidently acquired numerous brick plants. This may help explain why you found both Acme and UB&TC marked brick together. I hope this may help.