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Hi I am removing a brick driveway from a house built in the 50s in Rhode Island there are two bricks named Clark and Sage in searches I can't find any info on where they came from just curious - any info appreciated.
Robert Higgins -


  1. There is some info on CLARK on this Blog. Click CLARK in the Topic List

    Regarding SAGE,
    We have found a listing for the SAGE BRICK CO. in the 1910 Greenport LI. Phone Book. Another source: on Page 52 of the 1934 Eastern Long Island Almanac and Guidebook their "Business Directory" under Greenport has this ad:
    "THE SAGE BRICK MANUFACTURING COMPANY--Brick by Truck to any Eastern L.I. point--Main Road--Phone 3"
    And there is the Brick Cove Marina on "Sage" Blvd in Southhold, NY (they also list an address at "1670 Sage Boulevard Greenport, NY").

  2. That was my family's brickyard.
    It's in Southold, NY (the north fork of Long Island).
    It was in operation until 1938 when a hurricane flooded the clay banks.
    The brickyard is still there and is used as a marina and the cottages the workers lived in are still there, called Breezy Shores.

    1. We just found a "Sage" brick on my father's property on Spring Banks road in East Hampton, NY. The only remains of the house was the chimney with a 14 inch caliper tree right in front of the fireplace where the living room would be and the brick said "Sage". We found a loose brick and brought it home and did a goodle search. Nice to findout a little history on it.
      Would love to know the years of operation of the brickyard to try to date the house. Email:

  3. Dear Shannon,

    My great-grandfather, Patrick O'Neill, worked at the brickyard from 1885 to about 1901 or so and raised a large family there before they all moved across the sound to New London. Do any of the company records or photos still exist? I'm going to go visit the area later this year.

    Best Regards,
    James O'Neill Condon

    1. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, I haven't been on this site in a while.
      I don't think any company records exist. My great grandfather, Walter Sage sold the brickyard and its now a marina. I guess if any records exist the owner of the marina, Howard Zanier would be able to tell you.
      The cottages are still there though they are now accross the street closer to the water.
      I hope you had a good time in Greenport.

  4. Mim,

    Did you ever get there? I live there now and have some pictures...