Jeremy Yount said...

Hi I'm from Western North Carolina and I work for a Construction Company. We are currently doing demolition on a very old Mental Hospital. I starting finding some brick with writing and a year on them. I'm just trying to find out where they were made. They are dated 1921 & 1922 and on the other side the read (AMERICAN EN.E.&T. CO. N.Y.). If any one can help, let me know. A lot of these brick are being crushed up and I have saved about a dozen of them. Email me if anyone has any info.


  1. Hi Jeremy,

    Take another look at your brick. It may indeed be AMERICAN EN.B.&T. CO. N.Y. (not EN.E.&T).

    We have a source for AMERICAN EN.B.&T. CO. N.Y:
    Jim Graves, in his work, "Brick Manufacturers of the United State" indicates that the American Enameled Brick and Tile Co. had a plant on / in South River, NJ. They may have had additional plants in the NY and NJ area. Graves further indicates the firm was in business in the time period of 1906-1935 ... perhaps even before and after these dates. This kind of brick was also made in other colors.

    Thankyou for visiting Fred

  2. howdy

    I have an old brick that has white ceramic on the face of it and is made of a white concrete or marble. it says AMERICAN E.N.B. & T. Co NY
    any clues?
    could it be from an old white house tavern?

    please respond to if anyone knows.

  3. Your brick is an enameled brick. White is most common, but I have seen them in green, black, brown. It could have come from any number of places - kitchens, breweries asylums schools, or hospitals to suggest but a few. ... anywhere that cleanliness would be of utmost importance. The enamel will withstand steam, and disinfectants and not harbor pores where germs may incubate.

  4. jeremy yount, you wouldn't be in asheville nc would you?

  5. I googled American E.N.B & T CO. N.Y. and this blog came up. I have 500-600 such bricks with white ceramic on one side. Is there a market for them? Any response would be greatly appreciated.

  6. are these bricks valuable? I got a box of about 30 of them at a tag sale today for $5. I think they are just beautiful!