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I was cleaning out an old room and found a brick with the name VALENTINE XX stamped in it as well as WOODBRIDGE, NJ which is close to my hometown. Can anyone offer ne and info on it?


  1. From the website
    Woodbridge is universally known for its fine clay deposits and its by-products, brick. In 1859, it was said that material for nearly 80,000,000 fire bricks was at that time being sent annually to the market from Woodbridge. In 1866, M.D. Valentine and James R. Valentine commenced business on the present site of the M.D. Valentine and Brothers Co. plant near Spa Spring and the manufacture of lath brick for which J.J. Valentine had been granted a patent the previous year. This brick was to be manufactured in scouring pipe, tile and brick. By 1876, the plant had grown to such proportions that it was capable of making 4,000,000 of these bricks a year. Woodbridge clay and its by-products are known throughout the world.

  2. More infomation on VALENTINE can be found

  3. I found a brick with the words Valentine Woodbridge NJ. Is it valueable to anyone? Gloria

  4. The clay deposits came from the site of the Woodbridge mall. I used to play there when I grew up. I walked from Bunns Lane down Rte. 9.

  5. Found a brick that has Valentine across the face and a pic of a star and the word star with in the pic. Would this be from this place? Found near Hammonton, NJ