Porter National

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain to me what Porter National bricks are? Also, what can I do with them if I have discovered them? Are they junk? Thanks!


  1. According to Jim Graves' work - Brick Brands of the United States, The Porter Nationals were made by the Globe Brick Co in Kenilworth, WV. As for what they may be good for ... it would depend on what they they were made for. street paving, high temperature furnace lining etc.

  2. I live in the northern panhandle of WV and move a bunch of fill. currently I have aprox. 7 piles 8ft. high filled with mostly bricks engraved with "Porter National"
    They came from Historic streets that had been paved over for multiple years.
    As far as worth, I continue to get them for free. So it all depends on what there worth to a collector or a builder that would like to have "Porter National" stamped into his or her bricks.

    1. do you still have these bricks? Are they still available?

    2. I know that this is an older post, but I have about 300-400 of these bricks in south western PA if you are interested please email me at lanceburfield@yahoo.com

  3. I just found a bunch mostly broken land scope walkways