Cape Cod brick

Deb said...

We are going to be knocking down a building from the late 1800's that is all brick. I was wondering if we should have someone come and look at it and the bricks before we tear it down. Is there ever a market for used bricks. We are on Cape Cod so I don't know if they could be from the Barnstable Brick Co. Would love any info you could give me.

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  1. Hi Deb,

    There are a few companies that buy and sell used brick. You may find some in the Google ads sprinkled throughout our website or just Google for them.
    The only brick that would be of interest to collectors would be that marked with a brand. Plain brick is not collectible but, again, may be of interest to used brick dealers. I would knock down a bit and check if there are any marked West Barnstable Brick Co or WBB in your building. Also check as the demo is proceeding.
    I have seen the former for sale in Cape Cod antique stores for around $20 each.