C3Gauthier said...
This weekend I was on Cooper's Beach in Southampton. The waves were crashing the shore and wearing away the beach as I was walking along. I found 2 bricks sticking up in the sand. One is stamped KANE and the other NASSAU. They have been in the water for years and have rounded edges but are quite nice specimines. Do they have any value?


  1. We get lots of inquiries as to what bricks are worth. The value of a brick is relative. A collector may be looking for a particular brick or someone may want a brick that has their name on it, just for fun. But most collectors prefer just to trade, not buy. Try putting your find on EBay or Craigs List - you never know.

  2. Anonymous said...
    Hello anyone have a source for Nassau Antique bricks made on Long Island NY? Need some to match a fireplace we are extending. Thanks