Mystery Bricks

Anonymous said...
I found half of a red brick. All I can make of the writing is:


the rest was broken off. Does anyone have any information about the manufacturer of this brick or where I can find information? If at all possible I would like to find the date of it's manufacture. Thanks!


jeff finger said...
I found a half a large brick on a Mackinac Island beach. The half reads:


What would the whole name on the brick be, when were they produced? Thanks!


  1. Anon,
    How does [SAPULPA PRESSED BRICK Co] sound? Sapulpa is in Oklahoma.. The IBCA's Jim Graves notes that there is evidence they were manufacturing in the times ca. 1906 -1930's.

  2. Hi Jeff,
    The brand that best comes to mind would be CARROLLTON GRANITE BLOCK (on two lines). If indeed the last word on your sample is BRICK, please disregard the suggestion. CARROLLTON was a well known manufacturer of paving brick (commonly called "BLOCK"). Carrollton was located in Ohio but their brick's range of use went beyond the state .

    ref: Jim Graves,-" Brick Brands of the United States".

  3. I agree with Fred R. It is Sapulpa Pressed Brick Co. made not long after statehood . The brick plant in Sapulpa made a good quality brick as well as pavers/

  4. I found half of a brick on the bank of the Mississippi around the Nauvoo, Illinois area with the following text.


    It seems to be of red brick, though under-cooked, and it looks like a stamp was used for the inscription. I was also informed that the area was often unofficially built on when the river was lower around the 1830s. Is there anyone that can identify what company this brick is from?

  5. Jeff - I think we found the other half today! Also found 1/2 of a red brick on Mackinac Island. Our's says CARRO on the top line and GRANIT on the bottom line! We found it on the east side of the island, not far from Arch Rock! Seven years later - I hope you see this. Do you still have the half you found?

  6. Jeff - I hope you'll see this seven years later. I think we found the other half of this brick today - on the east side of Mackinac Island, not far from Arch Rock. The top line says CARRO and the second line says GRANIT. Do you still have your 1/2?