Jim said...
I picked up a couple of bricks in Saugerties (cantine mill) that have LENT marked on them. Could not find the Lent brick listed at your site. I'm assuming it from somewhere in the Hudson Valley. (there were also Washburn brick at the site). Where was the LENT brickyard?


  1. The branded LENT brick was made by Robert Lent in Coeymans, NY who operated a yard between 1904 and 1920.
    Robert was born at Glasco, N. Y. on November 22, 1892,
    He came from a family of brickmakers.
    His grandfather
    ROBERT LENT was born at Highland Mills, Orange County, N. Y. on
    May 3, 1828 and was a brick
    manufacturer at Glasco, Ulster County, N. Y. He married Catherine Conklin,
    of Orange County, N. Y., November 20, 1852, at Matteawan, N. Y. Children:

    DAVIS CALEB LENT, born at Naugatuck, New Haven Co., Conn.,
    Oct. 31, 1854, He is manager
    of the *Denning's Point Brick Works. Mr. Lent was the first to burn brick with
    anthracite coal, which was done on his father's yard at Glasco. He has thorough
    business abilities, and is one who understands the brick making industry in all its
    details perfectly. He was married to Mary E. Seaman, of Ulster County, N. Y.,

    JOHN WRIGHT LENT, born at Naugatuck, New Haven, Co., Ct,
    March 9, 1859, He is manager
    of his father's brick making business at Glasco, N. Y.

    WILLIAM LEWIS LENT, born at Naugatuck, New Haven Co., Ct.,
    August 20, 1863, He is engineer for the Denning's Point Brick Works. He married Mary E. Felter, of
    Ulster County, N. Y.

    "History of the Lent family in the United States, genealogical and biographical." (1903)
    by Nelson Burton Lent
    Publisher: Newburgh, N.Y., Newburgh journal printing house and bookbindery
    May 1, 1903

  2. Hi Jim, There was a Robert Lent in Glasco, too, in, or about 1905, that made bricks. I recall seeing an old map that "put" Lent's brickyard along the 'main" street (the street that runs east / west perpendicular to the "River".) I don't remember the name of the street. Maginnis was also making brick along this street, although I don't recall whether they were adjacent to each other, or one built over the other. New homes have been built over these properties in recent years.

  3. Here's the 1891 Beers Map showing a brickyard owned by "Mrs. R. Lent:"