A.P. Green Empire D.P. - Caddo River

Evelynh Smalling said...
I found a white brick in the rubble of an old dry kiln built in 1930 in a small sawmill town of Forester, AR. The town and mill have been gone since 1952 and the site is now being developed into an historical park. We would like to have any information concerning the building of this kiln for Caddo River Lumber Co. The brick is stamped A.P. Green Empire D.P.

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  1. Hi Evelynh,

    The Caddo River Sawmills do have a history. I suspect that the A P Green brick may have been from a boiler house or a dry kiln. There is info on A. P. Green elsewhere on this website. They too have a history. Try to copy and paste the below addresses into your browser (one at a time) and see what you get. One is of a book which is missing some pages - I guess to get someone to buy the whole document..



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    Fred R.