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Kirk Jacobson said...
My wife and I have collected close to 30 bricks when hiking in and around Baltimore. I am a collector by nature but would love to find out more about the bricks and manufacturers. Any good online resources out there for more historical data? Google searches don't seem to be cutting it.

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  1. Kirk, We know the feeling. If you wish to collect brick you may wish to join the IBCA. You will get a directory of members in your area perhaps in your neighborhood These folks may have had enough experience, help you with IDs and maybe some history too. The IBCA librarian has taken on the task of "logging in" any brick brands he is not familiar with. The IBCA puts out a journal three times a year and puts on some brick swap meets in different parts of the country where collectors get together and ... share info ... tell stories etc. The ICBA librarian has listings of brick trademarks and names and can advise you of what he knows. The editor may print an inquiry in the journal and computer savvy collectors may respond with additional info.

    You may submit questions here and see if anyone visiting this website can help. Once you have a manufacturer and his location, web searches tend to become a bit more productive.