M & B Co

Anonymous said...
I have a brick with "M & B Co" on it. I assume this is Moore and Babcock, but know nothing about the company. Also a grandson of Babcock was looking for such a brick and I would gladly provide it to him if I knew how to reach him.
Thank you.


  1. Hi Again..I just found your blog that I referred to in the email I just sent...I am very interedted in the M&B brick that you have...Where did you find it?...Leslie (J Babcock' great granddaughter)

  2. I have a brick that says as follows. M B Co
    If itsof any interest to anyone. Please contact me. Rpavisi@gmail

  3. Hello....I am the great granddaughter of Joshua Babcock , the B in M & B brick manufacturing . I have been looking for a brick from this company for years. I will try & reach you at your provided email address. My email is thebooksearcher@aol.com.....thanks

  4. Hello Again..I am still looking for a brick from M & B Brick company . Someone has contacted me with regard to this so I found your message from a year ago. Do you still have the brick? Any chance you could contact me to see if we can work out something. Thanks, Leslie

  5. I have a brick with m b on it. pretty good condition too. my email is w_riner@yahoo.com

  6. I have about 150 M&B bricks. I am located in Wisconsin. E- mail at melroseberger@gmail.com