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Paul S. said...
I have some bricks from old foundations in Cotuit. I have multiple ones that say W. Barnstable Brick Co.. I have an unusual one that came from a foundation of a house on main street built in the late 1800's. The house was being remodeled. I found several bricks with the W. Barnstable Brick Co. logo and one brick with the logo B.B.C. ?
Could you tell me about that brick?
This brick seems to be made of a different type of clay than the majority of the W.B.B.Co bricks although I have noticed differences in their coloring as well. Thanks Paul

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  1. I am quite sure the B.B.C. brick you found was made by the Bridgewater Brick Company. I am preparing a page on Bridgewater, MA. In the mean- time there is some info here: