Ralph Densmore said...
In addition to several D.P.B.W. and AETNA bricks I found today at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba a double sized fire brick with the word "LARGE9". Anyone know who made this brick? Was it AENTA? I also found a wedge brick made by AETNA. Anyone have any history on the AENTA brick maker? I may also be contacted at

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  1. Ralph, If you see about you, a fair number of shaped firebrick that you can say make reference to ETNA, then it would be a good guess the LARGE 9 was also Etnas. If you find A. P. Greens mixed in, the answer is less certain. Chances are that if an engineer were ordering shaped fire brick he may want to order them from the same manufacturer. Some manufacturers issued handbooks to users to aid in selecting brick for a particular application. In the case of shaped brick it may be well to stay with brick of the same manufacturer so that the dimensions of all the brick will complement each other and produce the proper radius, or whatever geometric vessel it is that is being constructed or repaired. These handbooks may be (in very simple terms) "cookbooks" of sorts, which detail the brick shapes and sizes required to build ... a coke oven or blast furnace, for example. The number "9" may be the reference number of a particular size and shape of brick in the manufacturers inventory, and it may be the number ,in a drawing of a specific size ,shape material brick to be placed in certain positions of the ... structure.