Matt S. said...

I have some I. Hedge and B. Hedge bricks from Plymouth, MA because I live and work as a masonry contractor in Plymouth the bricks mean a lot to me. I am interested in learning more about them any info would be great. mcsquillante@comcast.net


  1. From
    Beginning in approximately 1830, in addition to being the site of “general agriculture and dairy farming” this
    166-acre farm known to locals as Plain Dealing Farm was home to the I. L. Hedge Brickyard. Under the auspices of Isaac’s son, Barnabas, the business developed to such an extent that it was one of the largest manufacturers of bricks in the county. Large quantities were shipped to Boston among other places. Locally, Hedge bricks were used to build the Cordage Company Mill, the Hedge School, the Eben Jordan estate and the Jordan Hospital. (The hospital’s bricks had
    been donated by the Hedge family. As a result, up until the 1960’s, there was a provision that no Hedge family member would be charged for a bed in the hospital.)

    By 1880, the brickyard had ceased business and much of the original farmland had been sold to the Plymouth Cordage Company. Many ancestors of the Hedge family still reside in or around Plymouth. Today, the remaining property is now the site of Light House Point. Several of the original Hedge bricks have been preserved and are now on display in the Clubhouse.


  2. I found some bricks with the name HEDGES at low tide in New Windsor NY. Any info on them would be great.