Newton&Co Albany. N.Y.

From CT Forester...

I have found some fire bricks in what was an early forge in Northwestern CT. The name Newton&Co Albany. N.Y. is on the brick. When was the Newton Co in business, this may help age the forge.

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  1. From what I have been able to determine, Newton beganin Albany, NY as a partnership comprised of Amos P. Palmer and Horace B. Newton, in around 1855, d/b/a Salamander Works on Hudson and Hawk Sts.
    In 1857 the "works was listed as being on Rathbone St. In 1868 Palmer Newton and Co. is listed in the Albany City Directory as Salamander& AlbanyFire brick Works. Amos Palmer, Horace Newton and John M. Newton Jr. appear as important people in Newton's advertising.

    In 1874 the firm is listed as "Newton and Co." Amos Palmer appears to have taken a job with a bank, and his name appears to have dropped from the Newton roster, while John continues. About 1900 there is evidentally another name change ... to "Newton & Co. Inc." By 1905 The firm is listed as "Newton Firebrick Co. Inc"

    The firm was still listed in 1911 but not in 1920 .