From Tom Jankowski:

>I have one question about a brick I found. I found this brick with the
letters "J.S.H." at Keyworth Satdium in Hamtramck, Michigan. From what
I was able to find, it is a brick from the Haggerty Brick Co. The
question I had was if this brick was used in the construction of the
stadium back in 1936 apart of the WPA project. Any information would be
helpful, and thanks for your time.


  1. Hi Tom, Yes, the JSH is a Haggerty Brick Co trademark, and Haggerty had plants in Michigan. To say at a distance whether or not your brick was used in construction of the stadium, would be hard to say.

    If you removed it from a section of construction tht is known to have been part of the building, I'd say it was part of the building. If it was found laying about the an empty lot where the stadium once stood ... it's a possibility. Or maybe a contractor dumped off a few old brick into a handy vacant lot from a chimney he just repaired.

    From time to time a contractor may have his own name, initials or mark moulded into the brick. ... and the contractor may also have purchased the brickyard that made them.

    Usually there may be a few brick lingering around the property, left over
    from the demolition of a structure that once stood on that site. Fred

  2. Hi

    I am in Athens, Georgia and I have a brick sidewalk with dark brown what I might call "glazed" or shiny brick with patterns on them. The sidewalk does not go all the way to the street and I'm trying to find more. Is there a way to post a picture?


  3. Hi Raven,
    You can email a picture to

  4. I was wondering if I could interest anyone in some bricks from the JL Hudson's building in Detroit. I was part of the dismantlement team and I have some extras. Please email me at thegreenboot@yahoo.com if you are interested. Thanks for your time.

  5. I have a "JSH" brick from the Daisy Manufacturing Company/Daisy Airgun Company that was built in 1883 and demolished in 2013. It is reputed to be one of only 200 remaining bricks.

  6. I live in Grosse Pointe, MI. My house was build in the 1920s and has a very narrow (new, cement) driveway. I was digging out tons of overgrown day lilies next to the driveway and found lots of bricks, some labeled JSH. I wonder if they were part of an old driveway or put there later to extend the width of the driveway. I assume they have been there a long time. They were about 8" below ground level.

  7. I live in Waterford Ontario we strangley have some of these bricks in our backyard

  8. I have many of these bricks from a burnt out garage no use for them. Shame to end up in land fill