Ralph Densmore said...
In addition to several D.P.B.W. and AETNA bricks I found today at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba a double sized fire brick with the word "LARGE9". Anyone know who made this brick? Was it AENTA? I also found a wedge brick made by AETNA. Anyone have any history on the AENTA brick maker? I may also be contacted at chiefd67@hotmail.com.


  1. I found some history of the AETNA Fire Brick Co on the Web:

    The Aetna Fire Brick & Coal Company was
    incorporated in February 1873 to produce hand made brick. The first shipment from the plant located in the Village of Oak Hill was made in September 1873. On May 1, 1874 it was destroyed by fire, rebuilt, and operated until it was sold in 1963.


    Also this:

    Esther Allan Greer Museum, Welsh Exhibit
    The Greer Museum Archives has the Jackson County Area Welsh Industrial Exhibit which is a collection of photographs containing industries either owned or operated by the Welsh-Americans. The pictures include the Old Jefferson Furnace, Globe Iron Company, Jackson Iron and Steel Company, Aetna Brick Plant, Oak Hill Fire Brick Plant, Ohio Fire Brick Plant, and the Davis Fire Brick Plant.
    Madog Center for Welsh Studies
    Elizabeth F. Davis House
    University of Rio Grande
    Rio Grande, OH 45674
    Phone number: (740) 245-7186
    E-Mail: welsh@rio.edu

    Link: http://www.rio.edu/Madog/English/rio.htm

  2. Jim Graves of the I B C A "surmises" that LARGE9
    was a trademark of the A.P. Green Firebrick Co.
    There is more info on A. P. Green on the website (there's a Search Box on the home page)

  3. I have an Aenta 9 in firebrick in very good condition. Found in house built in 1946. Is there any value to this??