Claycraft Brick & Mining Co., Columbus, Ohio

Al Tonetti said...
I'm looking for historical information about the Claycraft Brick & Mining Co., Columbus, Ohio, particularly dates of operation for the complex along Claycraft Road in Gahanna, Franklin County, Ohio.


  1. In "Brick Manufacturers of the United States" Jim Graves lists the following:

    Claycraft Brick & Mining Co. Plant 1 1896-1928
    Claycraft Brick & Mining Co. Plant 2 1909-1928
    Claycraft Co. Shawnee, OH 1938-1970

    Here's a website with photos of the remains of the Claycraft plant on Columbus's east side

    There were also plants in Groveport:

    "The Claycraft plant, which stood near the intersection of College Street and Rohr Road, burned in the Spring of 1911. Rebuilt immediately, it continued in operation until the supply of good clay was exhausted and it was no longer possible to make high quality brick that had always been produced."

    And in Taylor:

    "Bedford shale has been utilized for a number of years for the
    production of face brick by the Claycraft Mining and Brick
    Company at Taylor, Jefferson Township, Franklin County.
    The shale, which is of the reddish-brown variety,has a thickness
    exposed in the pit of 25 to 40 feet, all of which is remarkably uniform in texture and appearance."


  2. Nice pics. Good story. Well done.

  3. I work for an architect firm in Ohio that's been in business since 1938. We have a sample box of the Claycraft Coloramics clay tiles. Every sample is in there and only two are broken. All of the printed sales and spec sheets are still in the box! It's pretty cool.

  4. I live in Orient, OH and I just uncovered a Claycraft brick from my side yard.

  5. i just found some in my grandparents creek so i did some research and wound up here

  6. I found two of these bricks in my backyard. I'd love to find more.