American E.N.B.&T. Co. New York

Anonymous said...
I recently found a ceramic covered brick that says "American E.N.B.&T. Co. New York." It is old and has ceramic covering. Our home was built in 1880 so I am wondering how old this is and if it is valuable in any way. I'd like to put it in my garden if it's just a cool brick, but I won't if it has any value.


  1. The American Enameled Brick and Tile Co of was a popular manufacturer of enameled brick, for where sanitary building surfaces are required There was a span of time in which Am El molded the month and year into their brick. These are fairly durable brick and will probably survive a long "life" in one's garden.

    As for value ... it may be priced for $5 in an antique shop. These are relatively common in northeastern states. They frequently show up at the swap meets which brick collectors put on, and where they change "hands" for no money or consideration. = Fred

  2. I have two myself.One with a date of 1915 found in Greenwich, CT. The other one was made with no date on it found in Thomaston, CT.