Catskill Block

Jan Orazem said...
Found a Catskill Block brick in an old repair to my 18thC stone wall here in Maryland. Was Catskill Block a company and when did it operate?

Any date would help me figure out when indoor plumbing was installed!

Thanks, Jan

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  1. Hi Jan,
    The name Catskill probably refers more to the Village in which it was made (Catskill, NY) than the name of the company (ies) that made it. Locally the plant was known as the "Shale Brick Company" which is not an actual name. The plant operated under the name of Catskill Shale Brick Co. 1890(start): Eastern Paving Brick Co., 1901; Kaaterskill Paving Brick Co, Catskill Vitrified Paving Brick Co.1910. The dates here are approximate. See an older inquiry re Catskill .... for more insight elswhere on this website, for Catskill .... These brick / paving blocks have been found all along the eastern seaboard. Hope this helps, - Fred