Texas mystery brick

From John Rich--

I found a the right half of a brick in a creek bed, near a historic 1830's plantation site in Texas. I'm wondering if this brick is that old, or something more modern. I can't find any hits on the brick maker's name with Google.

The partial I.D. is in two rows, as follows:
(?) Dell -
(?) Tile

The question marks indicate the missing left half of the brick.

Can anyone fill in the blanks and identify this brick?

A photo can be seen here:
Cut and paste that into your web browser.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

- John Rich

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  1. (from Fred Rieck)
    This brick looks as if it had its nomenclature apportioned and printed in two frogs. Using Graves' listing of "Brickmakers of the United States" as a guide I would suspect that the brick in question is that of: CORDELL BRICK & TILE of Houston, TX. Perhaps other viewers may have better insight. F.