Superior Fire Linings Trenton NJ

Vladimir Smirnov, St.Petersburg, Russia said...
My message might be interesting for US brick collectors. In the vicinity of St.Petersburg, Russia an American brick from New Jersey was found this summer with the frog "Superior Fire Linings Trenton NJ" (photo available at Do you have any information till what year "Trenton Fire Clay and Terra-Cota Works" was functioning?

August 6, 2009 6:26


  1. From Fred R.,

    Very interesting, Vladimir. Jim Graves, the compiler of a listing of U.S. brick manufacturers, indicates that Superior Fire Linings was in business in the time period of 1906 - 1909. It is possible they were in business before and after those years, but that fact has not been confirmed. Nice brick!.

  2. Thank you very much!

  3. Don't know if this blog is kept up to date, but I live near Trenton NJ and happened upon the site of the company, Just fields now with some remains of the kilns. I have a cornerstone that I found and carried home. I was just looking at it in my garden today and thought I should look up the company. your post was the first link. Amazing a brink from NJ was found in Russia.