From Brandon Searcey--

I found a brick in a creek that has Artbrick across the front with
Trade at bottom left and Mark at top right. The Ron Rose Collection has two
images of this brick from the Pennsylvania area. I'm just curious about it
and am trying to get a little more information. Thank you.


  1. Brandon,

    Your brick is an architectural brick made by the Yingling Martin Brick Co of Johnsonburg, PA. ref. J. Graves - "Brick Brands of the United

    Fred R.

  2. (From Brandon)


    That would explain the YM behind the Artbrick Banner. There is not much
    information online about Yingling Martin. From what I could find they began
    production of the Artbrick line around the turn of the 20th century, but I
    can't seem to locate anything saying when production stopped. Do you know?
    Thank you for your help.

    By the way, I found the brick in a creek in Hanover, Virginia. Is this a
    common brick? There is not much about it online and I was only able to
    locate one collector with an image of this brick.


    Brandon A. Searcey, PWD
    Environmental Scientist
    Draper Aden Associates - Ecological Services

  3. (From Fred R.)

    Hi Brandon.

    I don't think the YM is a rare brick. It is a little on the fancy side and a lot of collectors like to have a copy in their collections. The fact that you found yours in Virginia, is probably because architectural brick are more apt to be shipped out of the geographic area , in which they were made because that is where the markets were. Eastern brick could easily be shipped by rail and boat to other east coast markets. YM also made "ARTBRIQUE" and "ARTORIQUE". I have no idea when these particular styles (or textures) came into production or were dropped. That may be learned from articles in the brick trade periodicals as "The Clayworker" or "Brick and Clay Record"or ads appearing in architectural magazines. which I haven't really delved into.

    Now, for more info. Large libraries may have city directories for the larger cities on "micro film"... and these are probably not limited to cities within the state either. Some libs may also have copies of industrial directories for the their stateas well. Telephone directories may be of help too. Try Johnsonburg, PA or the next large city in the Johnsonburg area.

    YMwas in business in 1919 and 1930. I don't know how much before 1919 or how far beyond 1930. Sorry I haven't been of more help. Fred R.

  4. (From Brandon)


    You've been tremendous help, and I do appreciate it. I was just more curious than anything. I work in the environmental field so I go to a lot of places where I fun across old houses and trash dumps. When I find something interesting I try to get some history on it just to be able to talk about it. Surprisingly enough this is the first brick I've found that has been stamped or marked. Anyway, thanks again and good hunting.

  5. If anyone needs a YM Artbrick for their collection, the ruins of the power house for the Helvetia coal mine in Helvetia PA is full of them. It is below the town on the pond.

  6. Frank Korvemaker, Regina, SaskJuly 29, 2017 at 11:56 AM

    Artbricks can also be found in St. Chad's College, Regina, Sask. Canada, erected in 1913-14.