We recently purchased property in Victoria, Texas for constructing a mission Church. On the land were white bricks buried by a creek. The bricks were impressed with 'LAD. FALCON MEXICO' in the frog. Any information about their origin/history would be appreciated. The land was Spanish land grant property deeded to the O'Conner family, then sold to one of their emancipated slaves in the late 1800's, the Sheffields, and now to our Church group. We're thinking of incorporating the brick in part of the Church structure. Thanks for any guidence.
George Boozalis


  1. "Lad" in Spanish would be Ladrillo (brick) or Ladrilleria (brickyard). Falcon is a puzzler. The Spanish word for the bird-of-prey is "halcon." It almost seems that an American named Falcon established a brickyard south of the border for the sake of economy. If so, it might have been located near the border (Juarez?) for ease of shipping back into the US. Could you email a photo of the bricks? J. Eric Freedner (JHFreedner@yahoo.com)

  2. I found a similar brick in my yard this morning. It has two lines of text on it. The top one says ...MEXICO. The bottom says ...OHN LAD FALCON. I took the first word to be JOHN where the J was obscured, but I can't be sure about that.

  3. I found 3 bricks in my attic in houston. Very clean, never laid bricks. Stamper LAD FALCON MEXICO. I live in houston