Buckeye Fire Brick

Roger Cannon said...

Help. I know hardly anything about my grandfather on my mother side. My grandmother died when my mother was 1 yr 7 months old and he was not able to take care of 12 kids. So they went to the Roseville Ohio home for children. I just found the draft registry form for my grandfather and it says he worked at the Buckeye Fire Brick clay company what appears to be Scioto County ohio, around Portsmouth ohio. Well you have the history, here is my request, does anyone have ANY INFORMATION at all on this company? Also I would love to own a Brick from there. He work there around 5 June 1917. I know this because of his Draft Registration Card. My email address is cannon@sisna.com. I live in Utah.

My grandfathers name was Immanuel Tolbert (for some reason it was changed later in the family to Talbert)

Any help would be great I would love to learn more.

Thank you Roger Cannon


  1. Hi Roger,
    i just happened onto this and thought I'd pass it along. There was a LOT of brickmaking going on in, and around Sciotoville during that time. If I find more I'll send it along. Meanwhile see if there is anything here that you can "catch a hold off"---


  2. Roger,
    I bought around 300 never used Buckeye fire bricks that came from an old creamery. A furnace was built, I'm told, in the early 1900's or teens using these type bricks, and these 300 were leftovers, stacked in a corner and never touched since. They are a creamy yellow brown color and look like new. I'm going to use most of them for a masonry stove but I ought to have a few left over. Contact me if interested.
    Southwestern Michigan

  3. Heavy, dense fire brick products are made with fire clay, which contains a suitable content ratio of silica and alumina. These materials last for a very long time and are used in residential, commercial, and industrial furnace and firebox applications.