Birmingham Alabama

Anonymous said...

I have a old brick stamped: Overland-Inglis Brimingham Alabama. What is the history of this brick? Thanks


  1. Anon, There is a paving brick that bears the name COPELAND Inglis B'HAM ALA. You may check and see if the lettering may fit this. Often letters become broken off or broken out making it difficult to get a good "read".
    Jim graves, in his work Brick Manufacturers of the United States, lists The name of the firm as 'Copeland-Inglis Shale Brick co., of Birmingham, AL. He further indicates they were in business in a time period of about 1899-1920.

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  2. I am looking for 1 brick that says Copeland inglis on it. My email is

  3. What are the Copeland inglis bricks worth? I have a few. My email is