Petesr said...
I have bricks mark with name of CLARK on them does any body know the history of them?


  1. Pete,
    It appears that there have been a number of Clarks in the brick manufacturing business, and in different states. On the hunch that you may have a Clark with New England origins, you may find the following article of interest. If we had a better idea of where you may have found your Clarks, we may be able to come up with more regionally appropriate info. Meanwhile, give
    this article a try.

    ... hope this helps - Fred

  2. I have an old 1950s driveway with Clark bricks I am in Newport R I area I assume they are from Cromwell area CT glacial lake Hitchcock clays. Also lot of sage bricks and FIS.

  3. Hi I am removing a brick driveway from a house built in the 50s in Rhode Island there are two bricks named Clark and Sage in searches I can't find any info on where they came from just curious - any info appreciated.
    Robert Higgins -

  4. Chimney bricks many different names on bricks I cannot find one name is "Clark" please point me in the correct area to get history on this brick

  5. We are chimney Masons I have bricks that say "Clark" I cannot find information on these bricks. I love history, Please help ?

  6. The R.O. Clark Co. operated in Cromwell, CT from 1897 into the 1930's