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Just found a brick stamped "Quaker" in Chester County PA. Does anyone have information/dates of operation for the Quaker Brick Company? Thanks for any help you can provide! kadaholo@verizon.net


  1. That's funny, I found a bunch of 'QUAKER' bricks at Fort duPont in Delaware the other day. They were at the shoreline of the Delaware River and (along with lots of other rubble) seemed to be used to create the foundation of a small peninsula where the fort used to be. I was looking for info as well.

    1. We also found Quaker Bricks in the Fort DuPont area. Any luck in finding info?

  2. According to Jim Graves, in his work, Brick Brands of the United States, the QUAKER brand was made by the Quaker Brick Co. of Lancaster, PA. Fred R.

  3. I found a brick stamped QUAKER in Columbia PA down the street from The Wright's Mansion. Any input?

  4. Actually,QUAKER (the logo name) was used by the LANCASTER BRICK COMPANY to sell their products.

  5. I actually just picked one up on a walk with my boyfriend yesterday. It's down by the old landfill in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. They have a nice sign about the factory at the end of the spur on the path. I believe the years were 1917-1979 or something like that. The bricks whent to a lot of buildings.

  6. I have a brick I picked up at the site of the Lancaster Brick Company
    It is marked L B Co