grrl8trax said...

Hi y'all today I found a brick with the letters JAG on it, raised with no border. Anyone know its provenance?


  1. Hi Kyle,
    Since your brick is quite old and found in the Boston area, it may be a good possibility that brick was locally made by J.A. Grey of Boston. I'm predicating this thought on a listing entered in Jim Graves' work - "Brick Manufacturers of the United States". Listed herein, are the firms of S.F. Grey (1885-1897), and ... S.F.&J.A. Grey (1879). Whereas Graves doesn't list J.A. Grey by himself, ... In that period of time the company name could have been listed in an original report of some sort any variety of ways.. Perhaps J.A. was the senior member of the firm. The senior member lets himself out of the business and S.F. continues. Prior to the partnership of S.F. and J.A., there may have been just ... J.A.G.

    Graves indicates that these listings were taken from issues of "The New England Business Directory". Anyway, pending further information, this would be our best pick. - Fred

  2. That's a good start. I'll do a little research around here. Check out my brick blog Brickfrog. http://brickfrog.wordpress.com/

  3. Hey Fred, I believe it is James A. Gray of Saco, ME. I wrote a blog about him: http://brickfrog.wordpress.com/2011/05/26/jas-a-gray-of-saco-me/
    Thanks for your help!

  4. Yep! That may work too. Seems Saco had a lot of brick mfgrs. .... seems logical enough that they made some for the Boston market. ... maybe a lot. Do you find other Saco brick in the Boston area?

    Incidentally , There is an IBCA sanctioned brick swap to be held in Spencer, NY (that's near Ithaca, NY) the Saturday after next (June 4, 2011 9.00 a.m.). These events are free and you can go home with lots of bricks since no one sells them. I'll be going. If interested, let me know. Give me your email address (we won't publish it) and I'll get you more detailed directions.