Kelly said...

We are rehabilitating a heritage building in London, Ontario, Canada and have found some interesting bricks in the original foundation. They are yellow bricks stamped with various symbols - a wrench, a Diamond Shape, a "double Heart" -- photos available on Facebook - community page is "Back From The Brink".

 Any idea what these symbols mean? or rather meant, back in 1873 when it was built?



The Red Antiquities Building Project

London, Ontario

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  1. Hi Kelly,

    I have heard of prisoner made brick that featured the symbols found in a deck of cards. I have also heard of various item outlines being molded into brick that were set into a school classroom. I wish we could give you a more definite answer. The frogs in your brick look as if carefully made, so it doesn't seem that they were the result of a brickyard worker's spur of the moment "bright idea".

    Perhaps there is a reader out there that may have some insight to share on this. Nonetheless, nice find, nice discovery!

    Thanks for the visit. Fred