Kristopher said...

Hello, this has been a great website for my research on the bricks that I found today. I visited an old factory site in Athens, GA. I am new to brick collecting and have found several that I cannot find any information on. There was a good mix of stamped bricks that I found. KILLIAN, TIGER STEEL, and SLIGO are the three that I have been able to find information on. The others that I cannot find any info on are....XX-SOUTHERN, ORINT'L No.1, and FRANKLIN CROWN. Any help would be appreciated


  1. Hi Kristopher,

    That is quite a collection from just one site. Karl Gurcke, in his book, "Bricks and Brick Making", lists Franklin Crown as being the trade name used by both Kentucky Fire brick Works (1896-1897) and Harbison -Walker Refractories (1921-19420. Harbison -Walker bought up numerous independent manufacturers, possibly Kentucky F.B.Works, too.

    The XX-Southern may be that of the Southern Fire Brick & Clay Co. of Indiana (1921-`930).

    Just to complicate things ... Gurcke further indicates that Atlantic refractories of GA (1935), Dixie Fireproofing Co of GA (1927), Wysong Fire Brick of GA (1930), and Harbison - Walker Refractories of AL also used SOUTHERN in branding their brick.

    Gurcke derived much of his data from journals issued by the American Refractories Inst. These dates appear to correspond to the year of the publication.


  2. My son found a block (12" x 5" x 2.5" approx.) buried in our back yard. It's gold/tan in color w coarse texture. The name "Egypt" is stamped in the middle of one side. Any ideas on its age and origin?

  3. I found a brick with franklin crown 50 on it tedsharperkktk@yahoo.com

  4. I found three franklin crown 50 bricks (little larger than bricks). also a stevens , rm stork and a kaolin I w brick. I am not a brick collector and would like to know how much there worth. thanks ted

  5. I found a block approximately 12x12x1.5 with Franklin crown t-1776 stamped on them they have a overlapping edge any idea what they are