sidewalk brick paver

Anonymous said...
I am trying to find out some information on a sidewalk brick paver. It measures 12" X 12" X 2" and weighs approximately 20 pounds. They were collected by my dad and I in Moline, Illinois in the 1960's. They are more like a square clay tile paver with an ornate design on the surface. We made a patio out of them in the 1960's. There are no other markings.


  1. Good to know that because I'm really looking for a dealer.

  2. John Griffin said...
    Trying to identify a brick-sidewalk paver. They lined 9th Avenue in Moline, Illinois back in the 1960's. They measure 10" X 10" X 2" and weigh approx. 20 pounds. They are similar to the STAR salt-Glazed Nelsonville paver. There is a design on top but the paver does not show who made the brick-there are no words on the brick.