Boston Fire Brick Co. No 1

Mike D said...
Hi my 11 year old found 3/4 of a brick in the Plymouth Mass. bay north of Plymouth rock. It says Boston
Fire Brick Co.
No 1
It is typed inside a rectangle with the corners notched off
Any ideas on age and origin?
Mike D


  1. Hi Mike-

    I found several of these excellent fire bricks today. By putting "Boston Fire Brick Company" into Google, I find that the company existed at least from 1868 to 1906. I don't see any evidence of it before or after that but it may well have lasted longer since documentation from that time period is often not yet scanned onto the internet.


  2. I also found six bricks from the Boston fire brick company today. They are in excellent shape and are stamped Boston fire brick Co no. 1. X Fiske Coleman & Co. My research has turned up nothing on this exact brick but they are about 126-129 years old. I wonder if they have any value