Hooking Valley

Steven Nicholas said...
I was wondering about the origin of a brick I found under water in Port Huron, MI with Hooking Valley

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  1. Steven,
    I can't find anything on Hooking Valley. See if there is a possibility that the 2 nd "O" , of HOOKING isn't really a "C". I suggest this because there was a brick made with the name of HOCKING VALLLEY. This brick being made by the Hocking Valley Brick Co of Logan, Ohio. If this is a brick weighing maybe 8-9 pounds I woud suspect you have a street paving block/brick. May of the street paving blocks seemed to have found there way into rivers, etc., and probably lakes too Street paving blocks have often been used several states away from where they were originally made.

    If this doesn't help you, you may try the International Brick Collector's Assoc. their link should be somewhere on this website. Fred