Doug T. said...
I found some paver bricks 8.5Lx5"wx3.5"d with the name NEWBURCH on them. I can't find any info on them. Can you help me.


  1. Doug,
    Check the spelling--
    Your pavers were probably made by the Newburg Brick and Clay Co, of Cleveland and/or perhaps Willow, Ohio. ref.: Jim Graves-"Brick Brands of the United States". - Fred R.

  2. I found some too with Newburch on them and I have many of them. I too am wondering about the origin of these bricks.

  3. I'm taking the liberty of surmising that your brick's name is NEWBURGH. Graves, in his work, "Brick Brands of the United States" indicates that the NEWBURG mark, found on paver brick, may be attributable to the Newburgh Brick Co. of Willow and Cleveland, Ohio.. There is also a Newburgh, NY but there do not appear to have been any Newburgh named brick made there. If your brick is, indeed, spelled differently, I have no information on it. Fred R.

  4. i also have many of these bricks and the name on them is NEWBURCH