JJJ, EMPIRE and McGrath

J Payne said...
I am currently watching demolition of buildings in Amtraks Sunnyside Yard in Queens New York. Buildings have stood since 1909 have found following bricks among the rubble. JJJ brick, EMPIRE bricks and McGrath bricks. Ive taken photos of all. Ive found the Jova brick info can you help with the others?


  1. JP,
    Hi, The JJJ refers to Juan Jacinto Jova who started the Jova brick yards in Roston,near Newburgh,NY.

    The EMPIRE was the mark of the Empire Brick and Supply Co. They were headquartered in NYC but had their plant in the Town of Stockport, north of Hudson, NY.

    The McGRATH was made north of Beacon, NY near an area called Brockway.

    The Empire and JJJ operations were among the largest producers in the Hudson Valley.

    Thanks for the visit.

  2. Does anyone have a picture of an Empire brick?

  3. There is a picture on our website.
    Go here:


    and then scroll down to the E's

  4. hi,
    my friend found a brick with the words:
    Laclede , St. Louise
    I looked it up and it's from 1904. I dont know if it is any value if so please comment back and I will keep looking.
    Thank you,

  5. I found a brick here in Raleigh, N.C. "R.P. Green Empire D.P. or it might be O.P. Does anyone have any information on this brick ? It was found in a Historic District and homes were built in he early 1900's. raymondlanier@hotmail.com

  6. Hi, I have found some gold bearer bonds from this co. Are they still good or how to find out some info. Hunterbugsy@verizon.net

    1. gold bearer bonds are cash... go to a shares salesman/broker. He will tell you.

  7. I have found some gold bearer bonds from the empire brick corp. How do i find out if these are still good? hunterbugsy@verizon.net