"Tonque" bricks

Does anybody have any information about "Tonque" bricks purportedly manufactured by A.J. Frank from near Tunque Pueblo in northern New Mexico? Pics would be great too! Thanks!
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  1. On or about 1986 I took the San Felipe exit of I-25 and traveled east on an almost nonexistent dirt road. I arrived at a ruins. The north wall , except for the foundation, was all that was left of a large two story Masonry structure. There were bricks scattered around. The bricks were embossed with the word "Tonque"

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  3. I have a very nice Tonque brick I found in Bernalillo, NM. I'd post a picture of it if I could figure out how..

  4. https://oneironhorse.wordpress.com/tag/tonque/ Here I am 3 years later. The above url is a silent video someone posted of the site that I visited back in 1986. I remember the north wall with the wooden beams embedded in it.