A T & B Co. Little Rock

From crackerjack:

I have found a solid reddish-colored antique-looking brick with the following imprinted on it:

"A T & B Co. Little Rock"

Any idea of how old it is?


  1. (from Fred Rieck)-----
    Is the oriention of the letters really AT&B Co or perhaps AB&TCo.?
    I ask because almost to a "T" the various brick and tile Companies expressed their names as _ _ _ _ Brick and Tile ....
    The best match, and with this concept in mind, your brick may well be that of the Arkansas Brick and Tile Co. of Little Rock, AR. ref. Graves' Brick Manufacturers of the United States 2008.

  2. crackerjack said...
    Actually, the inscription is:
    A B & T Co
    Little Rock

    Also, what can you tell me about Dickinson Brick Company in Little Rock. When was it established; when did it begin imprinting its name on its bricks; and when did it sell or go out of business?

    August 13, 2009 6:33 PM

  3. I know it's eons after the original post but I'm an archeologist and the company I work for found two of these bricks so I did a little research. Turns out Arkansas Brick and Tile was created in 1916 when Arkansas Brick and Manufacturing out of Little Rock merged with Clark Pressed Brick Company out of Malvern. It manufactured bricks with that stamp until 1926 when it was bought by Acme Brick Company

  4. We recently had to have sills put under our old house. This blog helps so much in knowing how old our home truly is. I have a lot of Dickinson brick. We were told our home was build around 1914 or 1916. Now we know. These bricks are beautiful !