Nicole said...
I have about 600 bricks marked "Kane." Most of them are good condition without cracks. What is a fair value for this bricks? What is the best venue for selling them?
Thanks so much,
Nicole in Stratford, CT


  1. i have a bunch of kane bricks and molds. we want to sell them. how much are they worth?

    1. Do you still have any of the molds? I would be interested if you do.

  2. We have received several inquiries regarding old bricks for sale

    Most brick collectors just trade for bricks. The best way to find out what an old brick is "worth" would be to try places like EBay and maybe Craig's List. Set a price and see if there are any takers. I have seen some old brick (ie W BARNSTABLE BRICK CO) for sale in antique stores on Cape Cod for around $20.
    The value of a brick is relative. A collector may be looking for a particular brick or someone may want a brick that has their name on it, just for fun. But most collectors prefer just to trade, not buy.

  3. Hi I am looking for old kane bricks to match my existing fireplace. Please contact me if you are still interested in selling your bricks. lbzamore@optonline.net

  4. I would also be interested in a Kane brick if you have any left please contact me at ptwatersdesigns@gmail.com