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I am about to do repoint the bricks on my house. A circa 1930's brick colonial in lower westchester, ny. I am trying to find the original brick to match some repairs that I have to do. I did notice a few loose bricks on the property that say JJJ on them and they seem to match pretty well. Hard to imagine that these bricks were extra and have been lying around the property for close to 70 years but who knows, people just dont throw bricks in the garbage so often figuring that they can always use it for something like a plant border.. does anyone know if these bricks are still sold or where i may find about 300 square feet to purchase? lesly@seednyc.com Thanks

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  1. Lesly,

    If you are looking for JJJs you would be looking for one of the most common bricks found around the "Valley." Look around for masonry supply yards, demolition contractors that may have a rubble yard, landscape supply people. The JJJ was a long time prolific brick, made by a large manufacturer that was one of the last few mfgrs,to leave the business. CAUTION take a brick with you because you need to match up brick thickness. The later year mfgrs also made a thicker brick to help speed up construction. But it is easy to spot. Fred R.