West Barnstable Brick Co

Posted by Bill:

In your article about West Barnstable Brick Co. you show 2 styles: "West Barnstable Co." and "W.B.B.".

Was there ever a style with only 1 B "W.B."?
Which style is the oldest?
Is there a source that indicates relative value of bricks?
Thank you.

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  1. Hi Bill,

    I am not aware of the West Barnstable yard producing a "W B." The oldest marking is "WEST BARNSTABLE BRICK CO."

    As for "value," most collectors just trade bricks and their value is a personal thing. For example, I value (desire) brick from the Hudson River area but have no interest in brick from, say, the midwest.
    However, I have seen a "WEST BARNSTABLE BRICK CO" in an antique store on Cape Cod for sale for around $20.